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WordPress Backup Features

WordPress Backups

Why is WordPress backup so important? You have put hours of efforts and expense in designing your WordPress website. Losing all the time and money would be devastating.  Therefore, we offer WordPress Backup Services.

Automated WordPress Backups

We offer both automated and manual backup services. Keep your data safe while you grow your business online. Automatic backups and one-click restore mean you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

WordPress Backup

Our backup services include backup for WordPress theme, plugins and data. So rest assure if you sign up for our WordPress backup services your website will be secure.

How much do WordPress Backups cost?

Automatic daily WordPress backup start at $2.99 a month for a 5 GB website, 4.99 for 25 GB, etc.  

However, we also offer manual backups.  Manual backups are included in our WordPress Maintenance plans.