Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance

At Web Design Ashburn, we provide website maintenance for your WordPress website.  WordPress maintenance is crucial for keeping your website safe from a range of potential threats, including malware, brute-force assaults, and SQL injections. It also ensures that your WordPress website’s core, themes, and plugins are up to date.  If you do not perform regular maintenance on your WordPress website it will end up costing you more at a later stage. WordPress often releases security updates.  It is important to keep your WordPress website up to date to eliminate security vulnerabilities.  Moreover, you should keep your website fresh and updated for search engine optimization.

Why Hire us for your WordPress Website Maintenance?

By hiring us you can relax knowing that your WordPress site is well-maintained while you grow you business. By preparing ahead of time, you are less likely to be caught off guard by the need for immediate assistance with a site that has crashed or been hacked. Above all, it prevents you from being without a resource to turn to for assistance and helps you anticipate prospective costs related with your site.

What is Included in WordPress Website Maintenance?

  • Updating WordPress software
  • Updating PHP coding
  • Updating plugins
  • Updating website functionality
  • Updating content
  • Backups
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities and malware
  • Make sure your website is compatible with all browsers
  • Repair broken links

All About Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance is the process of keeping a website current, operating efficiently, and performing at its best. Making sure all the links on your website are functional, updating the material frequently, and correcting any broken links are all part of website maintenance.

Website Maintenance

How Often do I need Website Maintenance?

Regular website maintenance finds security vulnerabilities and helps protect the website from malware. For instance, updating WordPress enables you to identify bugs or difficulties early on, preventing a detrimental effect on the speed of your website.

Why hire professional services for Website Maintenance?

Hiring professional website maintenance services will help you with technical aspects such as backup and disaster recovery, security updates, plugin and theme updates, content updates, performance monitoring and optimization and troubleshooting.

Cost of Website Maintenance?

The typical monthly cost of website maintenance services might be between $45 to $99. The real price, however, will be based on the size and complexity of your website as well as the volume of pages that require regular updates.

SEO Monitoring included in Website Maintenance?

To make sure that your website is visible in search engines, it is crucial to monitor its SEO. This involves keeping the website fresh and updated, monitoring the traffic, backlinks, and ranking of your website. You can spot possible issues using SEO monitoring and take action to address them. It can also assist you in measuring your achievement and tracking your progress over time.